Opts for NFTs

The NFT market continues to grow steadily.

You’ll know that NFTs are big news at the moment, and so it’s no surprise that would be quick to set up its own NFT marketplace. This is packed with all kinds of digital collectibles that range from exclusives from celebrities like Snoop Dogg all the way through to the Aston Martin Formula 1 team. Plus it has many more weird and wonderful NFTs that include music, art and of course a million cat-based digital assets.

We’d also recommend that you check out some of the Drops that feature exclusive NFTS that you can pick up before anyone else. Chances are that you’ll be skimming through the main marketplace for your own collectibles, and here you can either buy or sell an NFT outright or take part in an auction. It’s not the most expansive NFT marketplace that we’ve come across, but it’s definitely a good place to look if you’re new to these revolutionary digital assets.

While is one of the most visible crypto brokers in the world, it still has its feet on the ground and will let you buy cryptocurrencies with regular money. This can be seen in the fact that the site features nearly two dozen different kinds of currency that are pegged against the featured cryptocurrencies.

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